Every time you read an article about Android OS, having a quick access to your apps and settings are one of the topics of the article. Lock screen widgets created even shorter ways to open applications and you could easily open your favorite applications right from lock screen after entering or drawing your password.

But how about drawing password and opening an app or calling a favorite contact at the same time? LockScreen has been developed based on a very creative idea: First draw your pattern and then move your finger to the app shortcut to open it. It means with one touch, you first draw the pattern as your password and then open an application or call a friend or some other actions.


You can also add up to 6 of your contacts for a quick dial right from Lock Screen and also add one or many widgets with  a maximum size of 4×2 tile on the lock screen (all the widget together needs to be smaller than 4x2).
If you upgrade to premium version, you can change the style of the application, but in the free version it is only possible to change the background.
Note that, to use the application, you need to grant administrative access to the app, which you may find it awkward since it is going to be the device's administrator! And if you want to show notifications on the surface of app icons, you are going to need to pro vide more system access to the application.

What we liked about LockScreen:

  • The idea behind the app is really great
  • open apps from lock screen
  • you will save some time when using the app
  • Adding widgets to lock screen
  • quick dial feature
  • The option to keep the status bar visible
  • No lags and the speed is acceptable
  • No one can understand the real password, even looking at the screen as we draw the pattern

What we DIDN'T like about LockScreen:

  • Initial setting are not much user friendly
  • The recovery password process could use "Sending Email" as an alternative option
  • We couldn't find a way to unlock to home screen. If you release your finger as soon as drawing the password, the last touched icon is opened
  • We couldn't add more than 1 phone number from a contact as a Quick Contact
  • It asks for too many permissions, like: administrative access, directly call phone numbers, take pictures and videos (Although it seems, it has to!!)

Download LockScreen from Google Play