Why Do We Need backups?

Many mobile phone users have experienced data loss so far. Whether intentional or unintentional, this may happen. It would be a disaster if you have had important data on your device. So it is needed for all mobile phones including Android devices to make backups.

How To Make A Backup?

There are two general methods for making a backup: one is using Google Account or Cloud Server and the other is through backup apps designed for the purpose. There is a specific backup format for each part of your Android device. Thus users can make backups of their gallery, SMS, contacts, applications, game saves, music, video and other parts.

Using Google Account To Make A BackUp

It is so simple using this method and all you need is a Google Account. First go to Setting> Privacy on your phone to enable this feature. Then check the boxes "Back Up My Data" and "Automatic Restore". Next go to Setting> Accounts And Sync and check "Background Data" and "Auto-sync" checkboxes to make your Android device backup your files constantly. So all the changes you make to your Android will be stored to your Cloud storage. You can bring all the data back into your phone if you lose them in an unfortunate accident. You might remember that the videos and photos of users will not be stored to your Google Account. If you want to avoid losing them, you can use  Cloud services including Picasa or Using Google Account To Make A BackUp ">Dropbox.

Using Special Apps To Make A BackUp

We are going to introduce you some of the best apps designed through the case. Some of them dedicate to users who have root access.In fact if you have a rooted device you are able to make backups of wireless password, user accounts and their passwords, bookmarks, app updates, installed custom ROMs and many others which backing them up is impossible in normal cases.

My BackUp Pro App: This app which can be installed on any 1.5 and later Android device, allows you to make backups of your SMS, contacts, applications, calendar, picture messages , operating system settings, video, photos, music, home page settings and many others. All informatin will be stored to your SD or Cloud services. My Backup Pro

Titanium BackUp App: This is one of the powerful and most famous backing up apps. This apps allows you to make backups of the data including password, wireless, apps updates, network favorite lists, bookmarks and many others. This is a powerful app and has many other features. You need to root your device to use this app. Titanium Backup