Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is a free virtual reality game in which you get to find the path and solve maze puzzles one by one. So, if you already own a Gear VR or Google Cardboard and looking for a puzzle game to get the most out of your VR device, you can download this app and enjoy exploring the different mazes and find your way through the mysterious road.

Maze VR has been developed by RiseAngle which according to their website aims to shape the future of immersive games.


What did I like the most about Maze VR? Well, first of all, I really enjoyed the gameplay and how realistic they have managed to deliver such maze puzzle game. I also liked the variety of available maps and mazes that can entertain you for hours without being bored (Not sure about their update plans and how often they are going to release new levels).

There is no lag and everything runs so smooth that sometimes you really feel like being trapped in a maze and you’d whatever it takes to get out of there.


Is it worth a try? If you already own a Google Cardboard and are already tired of available VR games, then you should definitely give Maze VR a try. It’s all about memorizing the path and finding the right path.

Download Maze VR for free on your Android device and make sure to follow their given instructions to make the game work flawlessly. If you are interested in playing such VR games, go to the Salty Truth website and read their in-depth reviews about these games.