Finding the name of the meal I want to cook is more complicated than cooking a meal. I used to use those websites that randomly offer meals to cook for lunch or dinner so many times. But, the main problem was that the suggested dishes were not always my favorite! 

MealWheel is a simple yet super helpful food picker app for Android that shows a random food name based on the list of the dishes you’ve already added to the app. This way, you make sure all the picks are your favorites, and you won’t be surprised by seeing strange food names! 

What do I like the most about MealWheel?

Well, first of all, the idea of this name picker app is excellent. It brings fun to the tedious process of finding the name of the meal to cook. It also comes with a clean and neat design which makes the whole process of creating a list and spinning the wheel easy as a pie. Pie? Let me add it to my li st.

Random Food Picker for Android

While MealWheel is only focusing on being a food picker app, you might want to use it as a random name picker app and add different lists to it.

Is MealWheel worth a try?

If you live alone or you are the cooking person in your house, this random picker app for Android can definitely become your assistant when it comes to finding the name of the meal to cook. You just need to create a list of your favorite food and meals and let the wheel of fortune spin, and pick up a food name for you.

Download MealWheel from Google Play Store for free, spin the food wheel, and have fun cooking.