For some reason, I needed an angle measuring device, and I never thought I’d end up using an angle measuring app for this purpose. When I was searching for “angle measure app” and “clinometer” in Play Store, so many applications popped up claiming they deliver the best angle measuring experience ever. However, I found a couple of them actually working, and Measure App delivered the most accurate results compared to the competition. It will show as Protractor - Measure Angles in the app drawer.

Measure App delivers a set of useful angle measuring tools with high accuracy and helps you to measure angles along all edges of your phone, level surfaces with high precision scales, and much more. When it comes to measuring distances, the ruler supports both centimeter and inches units. 

What do I like the most about Measure App?

The super clean UI took my attention. Although we are using a rich-featured angle measuring app with multiple tools to use, everything is placed in an elega nt way, and you don’t need to worry about dealing with an overcrowded layout. 

All the tools, including the protractor, 360° clinometer, and ruler, are straightforward to use, and they measure with high accuracy and precision level. There is also the 6-point calibration assistant that guarantees high precision up to 0.1°.

Measure App

Is Measure App worth a try?

Well, it’s not something that you’d need every day. But, if you are like me and require a clinometer, this tool will definitely help you out.

Overall, this advanced yet easy-to-use angle measuring app delivers everything it claims, and it delivers it in a perfect way.

Download Measure App from Play Store and measure angles accurately without having to go through a complicated process.