MEGA QUIZ is yet another trivia game for Android that mainly focuses on challenging your general knowledge in different categories. While it delivers everything you should expect from such quiz games, it sets the bar higher by offering the exciting battle mode that enables you to go against other players to challenge your general knowledge in real-time.


Should you give this trivia game a try?

Well, if you like trivia games the answer is a big yes. If you are a beginner in playing trivia games, the answer is still a big yes. If you are a professional player in this category and are tired of current trivia games, I should say the answer is still a big yes too.

According to the developers, MEGA QUIZ comes with “more than 30000 questions and over 4000 photo questions” and since available quizzes and puzzles cover multiple categories, you can be sure that you can always find some fresh challenges in your interested categories, without having to go through old and boring questions and quizzes over and over.


MEGA QUIZ main features at a glance:

  • HD graphics with cool sound effects
  • Battle mode to challenge your knowledge in real-time
  • Monthly leaderboard (for those who like competitions)
  • No registration required for single play mode
  • Use different hints and helps (50-50, audience help, and more)
  • Covers different categories including sports, music, movies, food & drink, history, geography, religion and science
  • Free to play (It comes with ads, which are not annoying)

You can download MEGA QUIZ for free from on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy endless quizzes and trivia puzzles to challenge your general knowledge. While the single-player mode is a perfect choice for challenging your knowledge in different areas, you get to join online battles and see how you perform when going under stress.