Just like you, deep within every human is the strong crave to be superb mentally- to have razor sharp alertness, to poses photographic memory, keep brain diseases at bay, and be the hero every time.

However, only a handful of individuals have dared stretch the limits of man’s brain power and mnemonic ability. They are the ones who can consume vast amount of information with spy like precision, they can remember those special moments that make their spouses blush for all the right reasons, and can solve complex problems without even trying hard.

The good news is that with Memok, the innovative physics based memory game, you have a unique opportunity to join the rank of these elite individuals who have taken memory optimization and mental health to higher heights. And the best part is, it’s a fun process every step of the way.

Memory games have been around for decades and they’ve been used to enhance memory and cognitive function while slowing down the onset of memory related diseases.

That said, like your heroes, you shouldn’t settle for mediocrity.

Memok delivers a mix unadulterated entertainment associated with classic memory games and tougher physics based challenge which is its hallmark. This memory game is the latest offering from the experts at Herhor labs that is deliberately designed to help you improve memory, enhance your cognitive skills, and keep your brain health tiptop!

It even gets more interesting because Memok is different!

The key to Memok’s unparalleled efficacy is the new cutting-edge physics based approach introduced to your typical memory game. Rather than the banal process of matching pairs of cards, it gets exciting when you try to match pairs of balls in Memok. These balls dare you with their constant motion according to the laws of physics making it a really tou gh challenge to get more than one star on each level. 

That’s not all

You won’t experience annoying delays and unnecessary drags with the speed and faster gameplay. This means now there is no 1-second delay after incorrect matching, you can follow your mind as fast as you can.

Memok main features at a glance:

  • Innovative physics gameplay
  • 10 different levels (with gravity, without gravity, with external forces, etc.)
  • Each level needs different strategy to get a good score
  • Play offline without internet

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take advantage of the science backed approach of Memok. Stop fiddling with methods that are boring and clumsy which fails to deliver the expected result. Instead, download Memok to your android 4.0 (or higher versions) and start enjoying its numerious benefits.

  • Keen alertness
  • Improved memory
  • Stress relieving fun
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Better reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Helps children maximize their cognitive potential
  • Slows age related mental decline in adults and seniors

Imagine the powerful memory boosting abilities of Memok, in addition to its ability to improve concentration and crowned with outstanding cognition optimizing abilities. Now you understand why Memok is nothing short of kickass!

It's time you give your brain the right kind of help it need - download Memok now! Other than the option to download Memok from the Play Store, you also get to download it from Amazon store.

Download Memok from Google Play Sore