Both Microsoft and Sony are celebrating 1 million sales in the first 24 hours of releasing the next generation of video games consoles, and they both released applications to enhance the user experience.

In the following we review Xbox One SmartGlass and PlayStation®App which have been designed for Xbox One and PS4, respectively.

Note that, while the Xbox One application is available for all the 3 mobile main platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), the PS4 application has been only released for iOS and Android.


 Xbox One SmartGlass

If you are a fan of Xbox consoles, you are familiar with the Xbox SmartGlass application which had been designed for Xbox 360 console. Xbox One SmartGlass has almost the same functionalities with 1 main difference: it has been updated for the Xbox One.

The application delivers interactive experience, as you can turn your device to a remote control, track the achievements of your friends, use your device’s keyboard to type to your console, and many more.

Make sure your Android device is running ICS and up, you have Xbox membership, and you have installed Xbox One SmartGlass from Google Play, to enjoy the following features:


  • Pin the contents on your device, and play them later on your console
  • Add friends, communicate with them, and track their achievements on your Android device
  • Turn your Android device to a remote control when watching multimedia contents on your Xbox One
  • Type on your Console by using your Android device� �s keyboard
  • Use your Android device and browse the web on your TV

 Download  Xbox One SmartGlass


While Microsoft released the Xbox One application almost immediately after the Console’s launch, it took longer for Sony Computer Entertainment to release the PS4 application. PlayStation®App needs Android 4 and up to run as well as a Sony account to let you enjoy your PS4 experience on your Android device.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll get if connect your PS4 console to your Android device via PlayStation®App application:


  • Visit the Play Station store on your Android device, send them to your Console to start downloading the content
  • Track your friends’ activities, chat with them and compare trophies
  • Use your Android device’s keyboard to type on your PS4
  • Turn your Android device to a monitor and use it as a second screen for some selected games

 Download PlayStation®App

So, get your Xbox One or PS4, and take your great experience with you on your Android device…