One of the Microsoft's most profitable products, Microsoft Office, is now available for iPad users. This is the title of most of tech websites these days. But as we just focus on Android news, let's see what the Redmond company has brought for us?
Well, Microsoft Office Mobile is now completely free for all Android phones and from now on, other than viewing your documents via Office Products (Word, Excel, Power Point), you also have the option to edit your documents without the need to pay for the Office 365 subscription. 
You just need to go to Play Store and download/update the latest version of Microsoft Office Mobile and enjoy viewing, commenting, creating and editing different documents on your Android phone. Since the application is optimized for smaller screens (compared to the tablets), you'll definitely have fun using the MS office app on your Android phone.

Since Windows Phone users have already had the advantage to view and edit Office documents for free, and iPhone users have just got this advantage along with Android users, it seems Microsoft is planning to engage more users to use MS Office products as their default tool/application for managing documents. And on the other side, we should wait to see what Google is going to offer with Google Drive services and Apple with iWork applications to counter with this Microsoft's new services for iPad, iPhone and Android phones users.

To start creating and editing Office documents on your Android phone, check the link below and download/update Microsoft Office Mobile on your Android phone.