Good news to our readers who are into forex trading and cryptocurrency stuff, and looking for a way to easily and accurately track and monitor real-time rates on the currencies they have invested in and set custom alerts at key levels.

MiTradeWatch is a free finance app for Android that enables you to get real-time updates on the price of any currency as well as the option to get historical charts for over 40 currency pairs. There is also a wide range of custom setups and alerts that helps you make wise decisions when it comes to trading and investing your money.

On the other side, MiCryptoWatch is yet another finance app that as the name implies, focuses on the currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can get live quotes for over 25 different cryptocurrencies and get the most out of common setups including bullish pullback, bearish pullback, and support rebound, in case you don’t have enough time to monitor the market closely.


Should you give these finance apps a try?

Well, these two apps are not like general apps and games that can be found on any devices with no specific purposes.

If you are a professional forex trader or cryptocurrency trader, then you definitely need applications like MiCryptoWatch and MiTradeWatch that can help you monitor the latest changes in the market accurately and quickly.

If you are an amateur trader who has just started investing in such cryptocurrency markets, then these two finances apps are going to become your best companions when it comes to monitoring the market, getting real-time price quotes, and setting different alerts.

And finally, if you just like knowing the latest prices and rates for currencies and cryptocurrencies, these two apps won’t disappoint you and you can give them a try.

You can download MiCryptoWatch and MiTradeWatch for free from the Google Play Store.