With the pandemic and social distancing, how do you entertain your pre-school and kindergarten kids? Aside from all the safe activities you can do with your kids, using mobile educational games designed for kids can also become handy. These games deliver fun hours while trying to teach your kids some basic skills, including learning alphabets, numbers, animal names, and shapes.

MINTOW is one of the newest educational apps for kids that tries to cover most of the mentioned skills and help the pre-school and kindergarten kids to learn new skills while having fun. According to the developers, this educational game has been created by some qualified professional teachers, and they focus on delivering basic lessons through a range of different entertaining games and puzzles.


What do I like the most about MINTOW?

First of all, the whole experience is enjoyable, and your kids will get used to the entire interface after trying a couple of games. The interface is kid-friendly with no ads, and you, as the parents, no longer need to worry about any kind of misuse or privacy of your kids.

MINTOW Educational Game for Kids

There are tons of different games designed for improving different skills and help your kids to learn alphabets, numbers, basic math functions, drawing and painting, shapes, time, colors, and many more.

Besides these fun educational games, your kids get to challenge their skill level by taking part in different kinds of quizzes.


Is MINTOW worth a try?

Let’s talk about monetization options. MINTOW comes with more than 1000 activities and educational games, and on the free version, some of these puzzles and games are available. However, there is a premium plan that comes with a 7-day free trial.

If you have a pre-school or kindergarten kid and looking for an educational game to teach your kids the necessary skills, you might want to try the 7-day trial and then decide whether it’s worth upgrading or not. In my opinion, it indeed is worth it.

Download MINTOW for free from Play Store and let your kids learn new stuff and have fun.