Walkie-Talkie apps are used mainly by two types of users: those who miss the physical push-to-talk (PTT) devices and want to refresh some fun memories, and those who are looking for a more secure and convenient communication method for a group conversation. 

In this article, I was going to talk about the best walkie-talkie application for Android, but, after doing some research on the available apps in this category, I found a new communicator app, called Mivox, that delivers everything I expect from a push-to-talk app. Keep on reading to see what this walkie-talkie app offers.

Well, like any other PTT application, Mivox turns your phone into a PTT device and allows you to send and receive voice messages between users on the same radio channel. There is also the cool broadcast mode where you can create an online meeting and be the only speaker among the group. 

Mivox is also considering itself as a social app a s it allows you to find nearby people who happen to share the same interests as you. It connects to your Bluetooth earphone, so you don’t have to unlock your phone to send and receive voice messages.

Mivox PTT

A push-to-talk sports communicator device to redefine the walkie-talkie concept

What makes Mivox stand out from the crowd is the innovative PTT outdoor voice chat communicator that “transforms smartphones into real-time voice communicators that give teams instant PTT communication on WhatsApp, Wechat & Mivox app”. This super helpful push-to-talk sports communicator device starts recording your voice with a simple press of a button, and the entire members in your group will receive your message on the connected headset. 

Please refer to the Movix X1 page on Kickstarter to learn more about the features of this communicator device.