Gravisible is a “project that aims to develop software and technology for all industries using blockchain technology.” The project is indeed tempting for developing new software, API services, and enhancing current infrastructure. 

The guys behind the project have also introduced the Money Box application to increase awareness for the Gravisible project and try to reach more people worldwide, even those who have nothing to do with the cryptocurrency market.

What to expect from the Money Box? Well, the whole idea is to earn Gravisible. You can create a team (limited to 5 people) and have them log in to the app on a daily basis. Basically, the more people you invite to your team, the more chance you have to collect more rewards, called Money Box Points (MBP). You can use the MBP to buy products and services related to the Gravisible project.

Moeny Box

What do I like the most about the Money Box?

I should divide this into two parts, one is about the app functionality, and the other is about the Gravisible project itself.

As for the app functionality, Money Box delivers exactly what it advertises. The animations are smooth and the process to earn MBP is relatively easy and straightforward. I mean, you don’t need to complete complicated tasks to earn points.

As for the Gravisible project, the idea is really exciting, especially those SMBs (and even individuals) who want to develop software using blockchain technology.

Is Money Box worth a try?

I’d recommend you to study the Gravisible project, and if you find it helpful, then Money Box is definitely a must-have app for you. If you are already familiar with the concept of the Gravisible project, you can introduce the Money Box app to family, friends, and colleagues to collect more points and use them to buy products and services. 

Download Money Box from Play Store and enjoy earning MBP with ease. Don’t forget the daily check-in.