The title is telling the whole story about this cash rewards app. With MoneyyBall, you can get $100 in your PayPal account, if you are persistent enough and manage to tap on the ball for 1 million times. As far as I tested, there is no need to make the whole taps in a single try, and you can leave the app open in the background and reach to the 1 million milestone in different attempts.

In your long journey of tapping on the screen, you get to see multiple ads, with the option to skip, and there is also the option to activate 25X and 50X multipliers in specific conditions.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to get the reward? This cash rewards app is all about keep tapping on the screen and aiming for the grand prize. You either get frustrated and uninstall the app after a couple of tries, or you keep tapping a nd tapping until you reach the final goal and collect your $100 reward.


Should you give this cash rewards app a try? Well, if you think $100 PayPal is worth tapping on the ball for 1,000,000 times repeatedly, then don’t waste your tap and get started.

Download MoneyyBall from Google Play Store for free, and challenge family and friends to see who reaches the milestone first? You can easily share the app through social networks and spread the word.