Have you ever wondered if there's a motorcycle renting Android app (and iOS app) which you can use to rent the nearest rental motorcycles without any difficulties? Well, there is such an app and using it is even easier than you could imagine. Every individual might face conditions in which renting a vehicle is necessary and it's the time when rental motorcycles can be very useful. Motit is the app I mentioned before and it's got an innovative idea to share electric motorcycles with the users. Now, let's take a look at how it works.


To share and rent the motorcycles, you need to download the app and then, you should register. You'll need your driving license and credit card to do it. Once you have registered, you can use it to find the nearest motorcycles to you. The motorcycles are parked by the latest customers and the app will offer you the one that is nearest to you. You'll need your smartphone to activate the motorcycle and then, you can ride freely to wherever you want. When you've finished your journey, you should park it and switch it off through the app and so, it will be ready for the next customer. You'll pay just for the minutes you have used the bike.


Now that we know about the perks of the app, let's see how satisfying the motorcycles are. As mentioned before, the company offers electric motorcycles and they use sustainable energy. It me ans that they don't harm nature and it's a great benefit. These sustainable energy using motorcycles sport an elegant light weight design, don't pollute the air and make no disturbing noise. You can also easily find your way, using the GPS navigating system placed on the handlebars. These GPS devices offer you the fastest route to your destination. For the sake of safety, two courtesy helmets are placed in the trunk too.


Now, you might wonder if there are any limits for users. The service is working just for Barcelona at the current time but they will expand it to more countries. Except from that, everyone can use the motorcycles, even if they are tourists. Actually, it will be a great way of transportation for tourists, because not only they can use the motorcycles to travel wherever they want but also they can use the GPS device to find the places they want to see.


After all, you can't find a more convincing motorcycle renting Android and iOS app. It's very easy to use and you can use it anytime you need a vehicle. Motit is not just about sharing motocycles, it can goes beyond...


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