With so many threats facing teens online, the need for parental control software has never been greater. Pedophiles, stalkers, cyberbullies are licking their chops when scouring for victims online, but the good news is, now you can fight back with the Mspy tracker.


Location Features

Thanks to the Mspy parental control app you will never have to call your teen asking where they are. The GPS location tracking feature, enables you to see exactly where your teen is at any time. No more worrying sick when your teen is out late past curfew or wondering where they are on a date.

Also, with the purchase of a premium subscription, you are able to set up “geofencing.” This means that you can set parameters where you give your teen permission to be in and if they leave these parameters you will be notified. For example, how many times has your teen told you that they are at the library studying or on a sleepover at friend’s house? Have you ever wondered if they are telling the truth? With the geofencing feature, you can set the library or friend’s house as the parameters and you will be notified if your teen leaves this area.


Cell Phone Tracking

Nowadays, teenagers do everything on their phones. They browse the web, communicate, organize events and literally live online. many Unfortunately, not everybody your teen is co mmunicating with is a good influence. With the Mspy parental control app, you can monitor their call logs, text messages, even popular iMessage apps such as WhatsApp andSnapChat.

If you are concerned that they are hiding something, you can monitor the key logger. This allows you to view all key strokes they make on the monitored device. This means that you can see what they are searching for, the text they enter into e-mails and other useful information.


Monitor Internet Use

Most of the trouble teens get into nowadays begins with visiting the wrong internet sites. Just like you can block out unwanted influences from the physical world by blocking calls, you can block unwanted influences from the digital world as well by blocking inappropriate sites. Since it is not possible to know the name of every inappropriate site, you can view your teens internet history and make sure they are not visiting any gambling, explicit or any site you feel is harmful for them.

The same thing goes for apps. No more telling your child to get off the Facebook or put down their phone. You have the ability to see which apps they downloaded on their phone and block access to the ones you do not want them using.

With all the dangers facing teens and tweens, you, as a parent need assistance to come with them. The Mspy parental control monitoring app allows you to deal with the threats of the twenty first century that your childrenare facing without disturbing your daily routine.