Why should I need to install a 3rd party app while my phone is already offering one for that purpose? For example, installing a music player or even a file manager. If you are one of these kinds of users, then you may skip this article. But, if you believe there are more powerful alternatives to what your device manufacturer is already offering, keep on reading.

Music Player is one of these applications that aim to be replaced with the default music player of your Android device. And I must say, the developers have really done some decent job producing such advanced yet easy to use music player for Android. Music Player delivers everything I expect from a perfect replacement for my current music player, and it even sets the bar higher by offering the whole package free of charge with the least amount of ads. 

Download Music Player app for Android

Besides the basic feature, you find in almost any music player, with Musi c Player you can set a sleep timer to put the app to sleep at the desired time, enjoy the very intuitive interface, and listen to almost any music file types. Before jumping to the conclusion, let’s review some of the features of this powerful music player:

  • Intuitive interface with elegant design
  • Create playlists to instantly listen to your favorite music
  • Control the playing music right from the lock screen
  • Extensive search engine to easily find any song
  • Shuffle mode
  • Sort songs based on the artist, genre, album
  • Support for multiple file types
  • Completely free to use

Overall, Music Player is a very good choice for users who care about having a decent music-listening experience. It is simply better in any aspect to the default music player on Android devices, and since it is available to download for free, you can give it a try for a couple of days and see if it makes any difference or not.

Download Music Player from Google Play and share your experience with us.