My Money Manager is a professional yet easy to use money management app that enables you to keep track of your daily income and expenses.


What’s unique about this money management app?

It comes with Google Assistant integration feature that means you get to add transactions, check your balance and a lot more using your voice. Just say “OK Google” to wake up your assistant and ask her “How much money did I earn this month?” or let your assistant know about your new expense by saying “Today I spent 100 dollars for buying food”.

This integration feature is amazing, it does work flawlessly and is going to save you lots of time.


What else?

Like any other money management apps, My Money Manager delivers the option to add your income and expenses, keep track of all your transactions, view detailed statistics about your saving and spending, and sync your data across multiple devices. You can also use the currency converter feature whenever you are traveling and want to check the exchange rate in other countries.


What’s my verdict?

I personally cannot use such money management applications for a long period of time. Because the manual income and expense entry gets frustrating after a while and I forgot to it new transactions to the app. But the My Money Manager has got the Google Assistant integration feature which makes the unpleasant tasks of adding new entries, a super fun job! I’ve been using this app for a few days and ever since I’m just using my voice to add transactions and even check my status. It’s been a fun journey so far.


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