My Tarot App is a free card reading app for Android that uses the original Lenormand deck for spiritual purposes. Using this free reading app, you can predict your future and get answers for your love life questions or business life questions.

To get started, you just need to choose your spread, focus on your question and shake your device, select the required number of tarot cards among the 36 cards and tap on each card to read the description. Each card comes with a detailed introduction, and you get to see its meaning for different subjects, including love, work, finances, and general views.

There is also the cool daily tarot-reading feature that sends you your daily tarot-reading to your provided email address.


Let’s review the main features of My Tarot App:

  • Clean and neat design with a user-friendly interface
  • Original Lenormand deck
  • Choose from 9 different spreads, including One question – One answer, Past – Present – Future, Pro – Contra, Blind Spot, Decision – Help, Love – Relationships, The Chance, The Way
  • Daily card reading that goes straight to your mailbox
  • Read meanings of the tarot cards with details
  • Free to use


Overall, this free card reading app helps you with making decisions, predict your future, and get answers to your unanswered questions about your life.

My Tarot App is available to download for free, and if you are new to the whole world of psychic reading and tarot reading, this tarot app can be a good start.