Use myTemply and get a daily health badge. Show everyone your badge each day and keep up your streak. Track your health status and share it with your doctor, hospital, employer, school, or government agency. No GPS or Bluetooth tracking, 100% Private.

myTemply is a simple app that lets you report your health to any organization or person. Employees and students everywhere use myTemply to communicate their every-day health conditions into a central management system. Administrators can monitor and notify everyone to help keep the organization safe and healthy.

myTemply for Android

Let's review the main feat ures of this health app for Android:

  • multi-organization dashboard
  • Import your community, contacts, and staff
  • self-reporting data and photo of thermometer reading
  • employees, staff, and students use the app at home, before work
  • myTemply app awards daily health "Badges”
  • organization reports, analytics, compliance
  • insights, thresholds, alerts and notifications
  • enterprise customizations

You can download myTemply for free for Android devices and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.