The main objective of text to speech technology is to convert normal text into speech. While this type of assistive technology has been around for almost a decade, but it is always faxing 2 main challenges: producing a natural voice and supporting different languages. Natural TextReader is one of the few companies that seems to have been able to overcome these difficulties and deliver a natural voice in different languages.

This professional text to speech application is used to transform your text into different languages into spoken words, and it does its best to deliver high-quality voices that are so close to natural voices. Speaking of supporting multipl e languages, for now, the Natural TextReader supports 53 natural sounding voices from 18 different languages, including English, French, Danish, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish and more.

While I was testing the text to speech system as a free user (before upgrading), I didn’t see any bug or issue and everything was working as advertised. Overall, it’s a really good text to speech service that provides you with natural voices in multiple languages. There is a cool Pronunciation Editor feature that lets you easily control speed, rate, emphasis, and pitch of speech.

For more information about the Natural TextReader, you can visit their website: