There are many basketball manager games for Android which let you play as the role of a basketball coach. New Basketball Coach 2 is one of the best games in this category which literally lets you “live an authentic basketball experience”. It gives you full control over any details in the game; from taking care of the basketball players and finding the best starting lineup to choosing tactics and making decisions during the game and a lot more.


This game is a realistic basketball game for fans of the popular sport, or simply for those who enjoy playing management games. This time, you're in the shoes of a virtual basketball coach and you need to make all the crucial decisions in order to drive your team to victory.

The tutorial will teach you how the basics work, following which you'll be presented with a few missions that you need to accomplish in order to advance through the game. Call a 'timeout' at the right moment, choose your best offensive strategy, make substitutions when necessary, and consult your assistants during the games.


At any point in the game you can check your squad, stats, the season calendar, as well as work from your office and view your trophy haul and current ranking. You can read up on the latest news and rumors, and if you're just itching to play a game you can select your five starting players and launch yourself into your first match.

The game is kind of complex, but it's one of those games that you can get the hang of as you play. When you start to feel more confident, you can start all over again and change the difficulty level (which means starting your career from scratch and taking charge of a somewhat weaker team).


New Basketball Coach 2 Main features at a glance:

  • Excellent UI and graphics design
  • Live match simulation
  • Choosing the starting lineup based on the players’ performances and their injury & availability status
  • Live statistics during the game
  • Make different decisions and give instruction on the court
  • Transfer system with so many features and options (it feels real)


What I liked most about the New Basketball Coach:

New Basketball Coach 2 is total winner: The design and graphics are absolutely impeccable, it's addictive, comprehensive, and stuffed with tasks and challenges to accomplish. Don't worry about getting bored, as there are plenty of features; you'll feel as in control as a real basketball coach.

The tutorial is helpful and all in all the game feels really well put-together.


In overall, there are no glaring weaknesses for us to point out, except that the game won't be for everyone and that some people might find it a bit repetitive. If you like sport manager games and you are into basketball, then you are strongly recommended to try the New Basketball Coach game.

Download New Basketball Coach 2 for Android