The Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13 megapixel camera was one of the best cameras in all smartphones this year. Now this camera has had a wide range of changes in the equipment, user access, and even hardware, to come back as a 16 megapixel camera in the Galaxy S5.


We will look over the main features of Galaxy S5’s camera below.


1_This camera has the capability of recording a 4k video. Although you should keep in mind that the screen is only able to display up to 1080 p, and will not be able to show every detail of the films recorded. The Galaxy S5 is not the first smartphone that has a 4k-recording camera, but is definitely listed in the first ones. With the everyday growth in the production of 4k TVs with suitable prices, these smartphones become even more seductive for users. Therefore, you can say that the home-recorded videos today can dominate over most of the official content that is created by the users, quality-wise.

2_The new camera of this phone is also equipped with the new sloe-motion option that was first used in t he iPhone 5s.

3_The Autofocus happens in less than 0.3 seconds using the chipset installed. Of course there can be changes made to the focus, even after the photo has been captured.

4_Some effects and filters have been installed on the Galaxy S5 by default. This is not a new and surprising feature that has been added. It only gets more interesting when you can see these effects before capturing a photo, and have the option of choosing the best one!


The changes in the Galaxy S5 camera are not limited to the software only.

The user access that had many flaws in the previous Galaxy family members has changed completely, in order to be a clear response to the suggestions and criticizes of past users.

The camera of the Galaxy S5 also owns the features and services of its ancestors, except that it’s a little more hidden to have a nice clean access for the user. You can see the different options and features of this camera like the function of flash and other new HDR photography features in the menu.