Are you new to LG G5 and have just done the initial setup? Well, here are the things we believe you should do and change on LG G5 to enjoy your QHD phone more and more. And don't forget to buy an SD card as well as spare battery and of course some of the LG G5's friends.


01. Bring back the App Drawer

The very first thing you notice is the missing app drawer button on the home screen. If you prefer the iOS style then leave it the way it is, but if you want a less cluttered home screen, do as follows to bring back the app drawer on LG G5:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the Display tab, and touch the Home Screen option under the Home & Lock settings

Step3: Tap to open the Select Home option

Step4: Now, select the Home & App Drawer as your default launcher. (Note that, since this is your first time checking this menu, you have to download this launcher by tapping the Download button next to it)

Step5: When pressing the home button, you may be asked whether to set this “Home & App Drawer” as your default launcher, and you must set it as default for always.


02. Setup Fingerprints for more security

The fingerprint sensor is at the back panel of your LG G5 and after setting your fingerprints, you can easily unlock your device with your finger and even protect your content. To setup multiple fingerprints on LG G5, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the General tab and touch the Fingerprints & Security option under the Privacy settings

Step3: Tap to open the Fingerprints option under the General settings

Step4: Hit the Next button

Step5: You are asked to select an alternative screen lock method; in case your fingerprint doesn’t work properly. For example, select the Pattern and setup a pattern to unlock the screen.

Step6: Now it’s time to scan your fingerprint. Do as instructed

Step7: After adding your first fingerprint, you can either hit the OK button or touch the ADD MORE button to register even more fingerprints

Step8: Get back to the Fingerprints menu and make sure to enable the Screen Lock option

Step9: From now on, you just need to place your finger on the power button (fingerprint sensor) to unlock your device.

03. How to check for software updates

Your LG G5 comes with Android 6.0.1 out of box. But sometimes you may receive some security patches or software updates which you need to take care of. Do as follows to check if there is any update for you device or not:

Step1: Open the Settings application and go to the General tab

Step2: Scroll down to the About Phone and touch to open it

Step3: On the Common tab, go to the Update Center settings

Step4: Touch to open the Software Updates settings

Step5: If you enable the Check Automatically toggle button, you’ll be notified as soon as any OTA update hits your phone

Step6: To manually check the software update status, simply touch the Check now for update option.


04. How to Disable Bloatware

One of the down sides of getting a phone with carrier contract, is about the bloatware. If you are rooted, you can easily uninstall them, but for those who are willing to stick with being un-rooted there is the option to disable bloatware. To disable applications on your LG G5, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the General tab, and scroll down to the Phone Management settings

Step3: Touch to open the Apps settings

Step4: Now you should see the list of all your pre-installed, already installed apps and of course the bloatware

Step5: Tap the app you want to disable and on the opened page, simply touch the Disable button to disable bloatware on LG G5


05. How to Change the Font Size and Type

If you have problems reading on your 5.3” QHD display, you can easily change the font size, as well as the font type. To do so, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the Display tab and find the Font settings

Step3: Touch the Font Type to change the font. There are some default fonts, including the Roboto, Friend, and Travel, as well as the option to download more fonts.

Step4: Touch the Font Size to change the size of texts on your LG. Size varies from extra small to extra large and huge.

Step5: You can also toggle on the Bold Text to view the text bolder.


06. How to Manage Permissions for an Application

The Android Marshmallow lets you specify the allowed permissions for applications separately. In other words, you may grant an app to use your location, but don’t give such permission to another app. To manage permissions for an app, do as follows on your LG G5:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the General tab, and scroll down to the Phone Management settings

Step3: Touch to open the Apps settings

Step4: Now open the Application you want to manage the permissions

Step5: Touch the Permissions option to view the app’s permissions

Step6: As you see there is a toggle button next to each permission. To grant a specific permission make sure to toggle it on.

Tip: What if you want to see the list every application with the Location permission?

Well, to do so, go to the Apps settings, touch the 3-dot icon on the top right side of the screen, and then tap to open the Configure Apps option. Touch to open the App Permissions and then tap the Your Location permission. There you should see the list of all your applications having access to your locations.


07. How to Turn Off and Disable Always-On Display

The always-on display feature, shows the time (or signature) as well as your missed notifications while the screen is OFF. This Always-ON display is enabled by default, and to disable and turn it off you need to do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application and go to the Display tab

Step2: Scroll down to the Basic settings and touch to open the Always-On Display option. (Touch the text, not to the button next to it)

Step3: To completely disable Always-On Display, make sure to toggle it OFF

Step4: To change what to show, touch the Set what to show and choose between Time or Signature.


08. Customize Toggle Buttons on the Notification Panel

If you pull down the notification bar (status bar), a bunch a quick toggle buttons appear to turn off/on system settings. To customize toggle buttons on the notification panel on LG G5, do as follows:

Step1: Pull down the status bar to open the notification panel

Step2: Touch the Edit button on the top of the screen (Touch the Pen icon, next to the Settings and Profile icons)

Step3: Now the Edit Notification Panel opens and you get to decide which system settings should appear on the panel.

Step4: Simply touch and hold the icons, and drag them to their places. There are 15 toggle buttons available to choose and 10 slots to fill.

Step5: You can also remove the Brightness Adjustments, Volume Settings, as well as the Screen Sharing and File Sharing buttons from the notification panel, by unmarking their respective buttons.

Step6: Once you are done customizing the notification panel, hit the Confirm button on the top right side of the screen.



09. How to Backup Data and Restore Them Later

If you backup data on your LG G5, you’ll no longer be worried about losing your data and can easily restore data whenever you want. To backup data on LG G5, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the General tab and scroll almost all the way down

Step3: Now touch the Backup & Reset option

Step4: There are 2 options to back data: Use LG Back, or backup your data on your Google Account

Step5: To back up data on your Google account, you just need to set your backup account and turn on the Back Up my Data ON.

Step6: To backup data using the LG Backup method, go to the LG Backup and then touch the Yes, back up my data to restore later button.


10. How to Manage the Notification LED Feature

The notification LED gets you notified of your missed notifications, including the calls and messages. To manage the notification LED feature, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings application

Step2: Go to the Display settings

Step3: Scroll down to the Notifications settings, and touch to open the Notification LED option (Touch the text, not the toggle button)

Step4: First of all, make sure to toggle the Notification LED on.

Step5: Now you get to specify whether to be notified by the notification LED when there is an incoming call, you have some missed calls & messages, Battery charging, or there are some download apps.


11. How to Add languages to Keyboard

You have already specified the language of your device, but what if you need to type in languages other than device’s language? To add language to the default keyboard on your LG G5, do as follows:

Step1: Open the Settings app

Step2: Go to the General tab

Step3: Open the Language & Keyboard settings, under the Personal settings

Step4: Now, find the LG Keyboard under the available Keyboard & Input Methods

Step5: Tap the Select Language option and mark the Languages you want to add to your keyboard.


So, what would you add to the list of things to change on LG G5 when you first turn it on?