Norega is a RPG-IDLE Hybrid It can be played as an RPG (After 1 boss gets repetitive) it can also be played as an IDLE-GAME. 

The game has NO OFFLINE-PROGRESS...but RUNS ON BACKGROUND. If you are like me and love GRINDING GAMES, I highly recommend trying to beat the game without IDLE-MODE! After that you can let it IDLING. Its up to you! 

Norega is a game where you pla y as Kurt, a Knight in training, and your task is to feed up Kurt's stats so that he can improve in Strength and be able to defeat the tougher monsters found on the outskirts of Norega. You must click the GATES (Button) and the Gates can take you to 5 diffeent locations and is up to you to decide whats best for you at the moment as long as you defeated the previous stages. 

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