A notepad app is a must-have productivity tool should you wish to get organized and manage your daily routine life. That’s why although all manufacturers add a notepad app to the long list of their default applications, there are still hundreds of other note-taking apps available on the Google Play Store. 

Note Daily is a well-established notepad app that not only delivers all the essential features everyone expects from such productivity applications, it also comes with a bunch of advanced features to make sure you can quickly take notes, create to-do lists, scan documents, and much more. 

Let’s review the main features of this advanced yet easy to use notepad app:

  • Create a multi-page note with the option to add a text, drawing, image, or scanned document
  • Set reminders for your notes and to-dos and get notified
  • Sync data across all connected devices (To protect your privacy, all your data is stored in your Google account)
  • Attach a file or audio to your notes
  • Set PIN to protect your notes and scanned documents
  • Add style to your texts (change font-weight, color, insert links, and much more)
  • Free to use (You can pay to remove ads, but, in my experience, the ads are not annoying at all)
  • Home screen wide
note taking app for Android

What do I like the most about Note Daily?

Well, with this notepad app, you don’t need to install multiple applications to take notes, create to-do lists, and scan physical documents. Everything is placed where it should be, and the rich text editor, along with the variety of available input methods, allows you to save important notes with ease.

Is Note Daily worth a try?

Do you regularly use a note-taking app to organize your personal and professional life? Are you unhappy with the default notepad app on your Android device? If your answer is yes, then Note Daily is definitely worth a try.

Download Note Daily from Play Store and have fun creating shopping lists and getting ideas out of your head and into a note,