All of us experience occasions in which we should do an important business in a future time and we forget to do it. It might lead to missing a friend's birthday, letting an important opportunity slip away and even losing your job. So, remembering all of your future business might be a stressful job and keep your mind busy with unimportant stuff but what's the solution? It's pretty simple. Having an assistant that keeps a list of your to-do business and notifies you at the proper time can be a great help. This assistant is neither a human nor a robot; it simply is a to-do list app on your Android device and the name is Notibuyer.


As I told you Notibuyer is a to-do list app but that's not all. This easy-to-use app can come in handy in various situations and the users can experience a relaxing satisfaction. It can be an awesome notebook, grocery list and a reminder for your to-dos. You can also use it to share a task with your friends and inform them of upcoming events. So, let's take a closer look at this amazing app.


A great Notepad

The app allows you to take quick notes easily and once you have signed in to the app, you can start creating new tasks. You can organize your tasks in various categories: Private, Circles and All. Private ones aren't shared with your friends. You can add new categories by creating circles but we'll talk about later. To start a new task, you can take a picture, record a voice or simply writing the name in no time. You can add comments to the task to remember the details. Once you've done the task you can mark it as completed. So, it's evidently a brilliant notepad app.


An Awesome Reminder

Well, as I mentioned before, a great use of this app is the process of getting notifications for the upcoming events. You can simply add an alarm for every task by setting a date and time for it. So, you don't have to worry about forgetting an important business because the app will inform you when the time comes. So, it's a great organizer for your future business too.


Share Your Tasks with Your Friends

This feature can be very useful for group activities. First of all, you need to find your friends who are connected to Notibuyer and then you should create circles. Circles are groups of people and once you have created one, you can share your tasks with the members of these circles. So, they will be informed of future group activities. They can even leave comments on your notes and remind you about something about the upcoming event.


You can also find the deleted notes in archive and invite your friends to use Notibuyer in the app. As you can see, Notibuyer is a perfect app to take notes, make lists, create reminders and share them with your friends; so, you can expect nothing but satisfaction from it.