Everyone likes to customize their stuff in the way they like and Android launcher apps are designed for this purpose for Android users. There are various launchers that can help you customize, organize and make your device look better but today, we've chosen to discuss about Nova Launcher Android app. There are two versions of this launcher: Nova Launcher Prime Android app and Nova Launcher which is free. Now, is prime version worth paying for or we'd better stick to the free version? We'll consider the advantages of Nova Launcher Prime Android App over the free app to answer that.


First of all, there are more customization features in prime version compared to free Nova Launcher Android app. You'll have much more options to choose for the appearance, style, and organization of your device and this amount of freedom can beat most of other Android launcher apps.


One of the great features is called custom app drawer group. You can divide your apps into different categories and your screen will seem tidier. This feature can't be found in most of Android launcher apps and bl ows away the need for using folders.


The other great thing about Nova Launcher Prime Android app is the unread badge. It informs you about the messages you've received and haven't read yet. It's also customizable and you can choose its size, color and style; so every time you get a message you'll be pleased to see the badge.


If we come to other features, I should say it's faster than Nova Launcher Android app and runs very smoothly. You can enjoy using your device, swiping between screens and everything that you do very smooth without experiencing any lags and it makes it so pleasant to use your device.


Apart from the speed, the usage of RAM and storage is really brilliant. Actually, there's a connection between speed and these two factors. The less storage and RAM is used, the better and smoother the device will work and the Prime version considers this fact and uses very small amount of RAM and storage.


Now, the only advantage that Nova Launcher has over Prime version is that it's free and you don't have to pay $4.99 to buy it but as I mentioned above, it offers lots of brilliant features that is worth paying for and upgrading. If you don't mind the money, Nova Launcher Prime is highly recommended.

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