If you are among Android user’s Gadget who got tired of the appearance of it, then we recommend you to change your device launcher. There are many Android Launchers which each of them has its own character and beauty. In today’s article, we are going to get more familiar with one of these launchers, Nova Launcher. So do not miss this post.

Nova launcher is one of the famous apps which received good ratings from the users. Keep in mind that the launcher only can be installed on devices with Android 4.0 and above. This launcher besides being lightweight is very powerful. The Special effects shown while moving between home screens or navigating through apps is very eye catching. In the free version there is only two effects, but in the Prime version, there are more effects. Nova is equipped with dock feature. The dock can be increased up to 3 pages and on each page can have up to 7 shortcuts or 1x1 widget. Hence, all the useful apps and widgets can be accessed from every window. The launcher has the ability to change the icon for all the apps. Another feature, which should mention is the ability to resize and move widgets smartly on the home screen, so to add a new widget into the home page, you don’t need to resize or move current widgets. In addition to all these features, there is a backup one too. In case you made various changes to the application, you can back up all of it for the later use, or even to restore it on other devices.


Nova Launcher Features

  • The Dock ability up to three pages
  • Edit launcher’s colors
  • Support creating folders for apps
  • Intelligent resizing and moving of the widgets
  • Defining the motion functions in the launcher (the Prime Version)
  • Hiding Apps (the Prime Version)
  • Creating events counter on the Shortcuts (the Prime Version)

Download Nova Launcher From Google Play