Turn your Android phone into a body cam (Body-worn video camera), and record your surroundings even if your screen is off. 

Olive Cast is a free body camera app designed mainly for police officers and security teams, and allows them to record videos using the device’s camera automatically. All the recordings will come with a date & time stamp, which can be attached to the incident report. 

As far as we tested the app, this body cam app worked flawlessly, and it seems like the developers have managed to fix all the reported issues and bugs in their recent update. 

What do I like the most about Olive Cast?

Well, this body cam app delivers everything it advertises. You can record videos to your storage and share the videos with other people with ease.

The instant-launch process may seem to be weird, but, if your phone allows you to define a shortcut when pressing a button, you are good to go. You first should enable the Auto Start option from the settings and set u p one of your physical buttons to launch the Olive Cast app upon pressing. 

Olive Cast Body Camera Android

Is Olive Cast worth a try?

Like always, it depends on the type of user you are. A body cam app is not an application that everyone would need. But, if, for some reason, you need to have a body camera to be able to record incidents instantly, Olive Cast can be a wise choice for you. Using this app, you can use your Android phone (I wouldn’t say tablet, because it doesn’t feel quite right to have a 10-inch display record an incident!) as a powerful body cam that allows you to record videos by pressing one button.

Download Olive Cast from Play Store and start recording in the background with the screen being off.