Research is the creative and systematic work of investigation undertaken to establish conclusions regarding facts and new findings. It consists of a detailed analytical study of a particular subject matter. Any good research serves to find answers to further questions and to fill the knowledge gap. Furthermore, documentation, discovery, and interpretation are also some of its requirements. Researching on your own can take up a tremendous amount of energy, effort, and time. Thankfully, in today’s information age, there are several technologies and software available at our fingertips to assist our research works. Taking help from such technological resources not only reduces the human error potential but also increases the speed of the research process. Hence, scholars need to be aware of various research paper apps to ease the process and save their effort and time.

During their academic period, students often have to engage in research works. They may be required to start working on various academic requirements, such as a proposal and present a conclusion to the research. However, conducting thorough research is a hectic job and can be even more frustrating for students who are engaged in other activities. However, scholars can always seek help on their proposal from a professional research proposal writing service in the UK to ease their task and execute their research in a timely manner. There are numerous benefits to seeking help from a writing service that can help students in several facets of their research. There are many apps for academics and research works as well to facilitate the whole process. Here are some of the most useful applications for students:

1) Writix: Writing a proposal is one of the hardest things in one’s academic pursuit as it requires relentless research and time. Seeking out Writix, a writing service, can help you with your professional academic writing regardless of what subject you are currently pursuing. Writix can process even the most urgent requests, so should you find yourself low on time, you can rely on the service to deliver top quality work that meets all your requirements.

2) Mendeley: Mendeley is a pdf reader and a reference manager specially designed for the researchers. It is a free application that can be downloaded via Appstore or Play Store. With its help, scholars and researchers can read documents, create their searchable library, write notes, and collaborate with other members in a private group. It is a free pdf reader installed with private chats enabling users to contact their friends easily.

3) EasyBib: Creating a bibliography for citing the author is mandatory in every research works. Without proper citation in the bibliography, your paper would be dubbed as plagiarized content. By using the app, you can automatically cite the books, publications, journals, and articles with great accuracy.

4) Evernote: During their researches, scholars can come across several sources and may have to compile them for future use. However, the stress and workload that often comes with research can lead to forgetfulness. For such instances, you can use Evernote to take notes, write outlines, or even produce full drafts of essays. You can also use it to record audio for the future, making it a digital notebook, in simple words.

5) Cloud Storage: Often, students may suffer from corrupted files, drives, or virus, and even stolen laptops, and as a result, they may lose months’ worth of hard work. Without using cloud storage, they put their hard work at risk. Using a remote backup service ensures that your work is always stored safely and accessible from anywhere. Some popular free cloud services include Dropbox, google drive, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive.

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6) Offtime: Research can require a higher level of focus which isn’t always easy. Distraction can keep us from making significant progress. This is incredibly challenging since all of us own the most potent distractor, our phones, in our pocket. Offtime helps you restrict certain functionalities from your smartphone for a fixed period so that you can remain focused. It is highly customizable, meaning you can allow calls from certain people and limit specific functions. It helps to gain proper focus by blocking out smartphone distraction and regain control over time.

7) Freemind: While researching, the researcher has to study the literature review and deal with a wide range of theories, models, and frameworks. It can be hard to keep up with such broad aspects simultaneously. Freemind is an app that helps you visualize all the information concurrently facilitating the brainstorming and mind mapping process. You can create highly editable, and visually rich mind maps on your computer using the app. 

8) Grammarly: While writing thesis and research papers, numerous issues may occur regarding grammar, punctuations, and word choice. By using the app, you can detect your grammatical errors, unclear sentences, inconsistency, and plagiarism as well. It is a real-time editor that is much more than a spelling and grammar checker. Using it can immensely help the author write papers that are free of silly grammatical errors. 

9) Trello: As a rule, scholars have to work on several projects concurrently, which can be challenging to keep track of. In such an instance, the app – Trello comes handy. It is a project management tool that lets you create streams for different projects, add due dates, and keep all tasks organized. You can also add a member to the specific projects for improved project coordination.

The most critical resource in a student’s life is time as we are all given a specific deadline, and your work must be presented accordingly. Hence, as a student and researcher, it is best to find resources that can help you out immensely. It is crucial for one to manage one’s limited time and effort by using the available technology in the form of applications and software. Due to the eruption of the digital age, such tedious tasks are made easy through the application of technology in our practical lives. Numerous academic research software has proven useful in studies and research works. The only deciding factor is how effectively and efficiently we can use it.