I love watching basketball. I’m not much a fan of playing it on a real court, I don’t like playing the actual game on mobile devices (or consoles), and I love playing those addictive basketball shooter games which require you to shoot some hoops in different levels. 

If you are relating to the paragraph above, we’ve got some excellent news for you. 

Perfect Dunk Shot is an addictive basketball game for Android and iOS, and the gameplay is as simple as keep touching on the screen to control the ball, and your objective is to shoot some hoops and score as many points as possible before running out of time. 

Perfect Dunk Shot

What do I like the most about Perfect Dunk Shot?

This free basketball shooter game offers a su per-clean interface and easy to learn gameplay with endless challenges. It may take a couple of tries to learn how to control the ball, and the endless gameplay allows you to keep shooting some hoops as long as you manage to score points in the given time. As you progress and collect more points, the game gets more complicated, and you should avoid hitting appearing obstacles. 

There is the option to unlock so many cool boosters and achievements, which makes you want to play the game more and more. 

Is Perfect Dunk Shot worth a try?

If you like playing dunk shot games on your mobile device, and you are looking for an addictive game with easy to learn gameplay and endless challenges, Perfect Dunk Shot won’t disappoint you.

Download Perfect Dunk Shot from Play Store and see how many points you can collect. This free basketball game is also available on Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad owners.