Some people are very fond of video clips and even spend hours surfing the web and watching them. Now, you can do it in an enhanced way in PickVideo, one of the great Android apps for finding videos that helps you have an organized video search and save a lot of time. Searching for videos on web or even on YouTube can be a bit time-consuming, especially when the video is not that much popular, but this app uses different methods to help you search for videos on Android and you actually find them as soon as possible. You can even create a playlist and add your favorite videos to it, in case you want to watch them again. Now, let’s get into details.


First of all, let’s see how it makes searching easier. The app has provided some features that makes it possible. For example, you can sort the videos based on different factors, including relevancy, date of publication, and total views. You can even filter the video by resolution, duration, and date of publication; so, you won’t see many of the redundant videos. Despite the fact that it is very rare among the Android apps for finding videos, you can even use pictures to search for videos on Android. It’s very useful, especially when you don’t know the name of a video clip but you actually have a picture of it.


It also has features for the videos you have already found and want to watch them again. You can easily create playlists and add your favorite videos to them and have them in your library. For the ease of use, you can set tags for different videos and with these filters, easily access them.


Now, if you want to use an app, especially one of the Android apps for finding videos, the design and user interface will be very important. The user interface is very clean and tidy, and everything is in order. Different features of this app are placed in different parts and you can easily access them. All in all, you won’t have any problems, finding what you want. Despite being simple, the design is also very well and you’ll probably like it.


Whenever you search for videos on Android, you’d probably like to get the results from reliable sources and this app uses the most popular one, YouTube. So, you can rely on it and be sure that you’ll get the exact videos with the best quality, but unfortunately, according to YouTube’s API terms of use, you won’t be able to download the video clips. On the other hand, you will have a great experience of seamless video viewing.


From other features of this app, the ability to share videos with others is noticeable. Using a simple URL, it is possible for you to share your favorite videos with your friends through different ways like messaging apps, Emails, SMS, etc.


So, if you like watching various video clips, you can add PickVideo to your app drawer. It makes it easier to find different videos, watch them with the best quality, add them to your video library, and share them with your friends.

Download PickVideo from Google Play