Very intuitive and quality photo editing even if it’s your first time using a photo editor app. Picstick 2019 photo editor will help you embellish your photos with lots of professional & creative filters (over 150 filters), effects and tools.

Enjoy editing your gorgeous photos from those iconic moments you wish to share with family and friends from Picstick.



  • Photo editing and resizing
  • Drawing and polishing photo
  • Photo filters, effect and designs
  • Stickers and fun uploads to use
  • Intuitive tools and features to master
  • Save in various formats
  • Share to different social media network
  • Fun and creative tool to use and give a personal touch to your photos


Photo editing

Picstick 2019 photo editor will provide you with the basic set to crop, cut, resize, shapes and adjust any picture of your choice without any hassle.



Create for yourself a stunning artwork of a photo by using the draw tools and stylish effect available on this app to create an eye-catching picture.



Use excellent text to embellish your beautiful photo while you make them look stunningly beautiful. Add and embellish your text with various colors to choose from, hundreds of fonts to highlight, and borders and opacity draw.


Sticker world

Hundreds of stickers on Picstick is enough to put your image in the best possible level of stunning designed photos. Put them in strategic places on your photo and let them come to life after your editing.


Photo filters

Use predefined photo filters on the app you can't get anywhere else to change the overlay of your photo and continue looking ravishingly good.

Select between "elegant, instant, original, amartorka, vignette and a host of other filters that will hide all your blemishes and keep you looking so good.

There are hundreds of filter tools to carry into your editing dashboard and select whichever one suits your picture correctly.


Color adjustments

Differentiate between Hue, contrast, brightness, original and a whole lot of other photo editing effects you will find on Picstick.

Use this color adjustment to fine tune Instagram photo editor to the best of your artistic ability and enjoy sharing them with friends.

Make use of the different lighting arrangement and exposure level in the app to increase the texture of your beautiful photo and make it look more appealing.


Photo effects

Charm your way into the heart of your viewers when they stare at the mirror, kaleidoscope or 3D anaglyph image of you on your wall or phone gallery. Place same image side by side using horizontal or vertical mirror control to shape how a photo is placed. Triangulate and shape the various aspects of your kaleidoscopic photo to reveal more of what you want people to see in your picture.


Enhance the 3D anaglyph of your photo and watch it come to life.

Grayscale, black and white, sepia are also other photo effects you can apply to your image and give a gorgeous look. There is a pool of photo effects you can choose from on the app.


Drawing tools

Adjustable brush and color are at your fingertips on this app to help you produce your next masterpiece. Edit, draw, erase, redraw existing or new images from the comfort of your device.

Choose where and how you want to blur or sharpen different aspect of the image you wish to edit.

Retouch new and existing images you no longer find interesting. Try out new sketches or designs you have in mind regarding a picture and make the best use of it.

You will never get a photo editor app with less interruption and more focus on the smooth navigation like Picstick.


When next you feel like retouching those pictures from an event, picnic, shopping, swimming, dancing, surfing and many more, think Picstick -2019 photo editor.