Podcasts have become very popular in the recent years and many people listen to them with different purposes. There are some best podcast apps for Android which provide you with a sea of podcasts and you can listen to anything you want but we have chosen two of the most popular apps for you: Pocket Casts Android app and Beyondpod. Each of them has its own pros and cons and we'll help you find out which one suits you better: Beyondpod Android app or Pocket Casts.


Reasons Pocket Casts Android App Is Better?

Easy To Discover New Podcast: You can easily have access to the podcasts you're looking for by tapping on the plus button at the top right corner. It will bring you top charts and different categories of podcasts or you can search what you're looking for and then you can listen to the brilliant podcasts with high quality.


Beautiful Interface: Using Pocket Casts Android app is very pleasant because of the colorful design. For example, it colorizes the background in harmony with album art and makes it really pleasant to look at.


Remembers Playback Speed & Starting Position: You can set a starting position to skip the parts you don't want to listen to and the next time it will start from there. You can also set the spee d to understand the fast or slow speakers.


Automatic Playlist Creation: With the automatic playlists created in the app, you can easily categorize and find the podcasts you're looking for. It will make a list of played, unplayed, downloaded, downloading, etc.


Auto Download Specific Podcasts: Some podcasts come in episodes and you can set the app to download the new episodes automatically.


Sleep Timer: Well, you can fall asleep when you listen to podcasts and it will waste your battery. Setting a sleep timer is the best way to prevent it.


Reasons Beyondpod Android App Is Better?

Smart Speed and Voice Boost: Well, it's the special feature that makes Beyondpod different from the other podcast apps for Android. Based on the types and amounts of the podcasts you listen to, it offers different playlists and you can easily have access to your podcasts.


Chromecast Support: Well, it can get irritating to stream podcasts to other devices and having to use other applications to do this. Beyondpod Android app has made it very easy by supporting Chromecast and you can use this feature to stream podcasts directly from your phone to other devices.


So, these were the main features of two of the best podcast apps for Android. With this information, you can decide which one is better for you. Please comment your ideas!

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