There are lots of times which you find something interesting on the Internet, but you don’t have enough time to read that news or article. What will you do on these occasions? Many of the users may save the link to their browser’s bookmarks so they can reach it later. But then again, what will you do, if you don’t have access to the Internet? Today we are going to offer a good solution to access your data whenever and wherever you wanted. The app which will do this is Pocket.


Application review

The Pocket app can place Internet on your actual pocket. The app stores all the links, images, videos, any page on the Internet, and any app which supports sharing. So you will have an archive of your favorite contents on Internet which can be accessed at any time with common platforms (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and PC) in a simple, elegant look. One of the important features of this program is to display web pages even in offline mode. Thus, there are no restrictions on a previously accessed and saved links. The app can get all the links via browser, Android, IOS or PC and then access the links from every gadget.


  • Simple and practical
  • Access all links everywhere, stored in all Gadgets
  • Ability to use even in offline mode

Pocket-for-AndroidHow to use

After installing the application, you first need to create an account, so you can access your information from any device which has access to pocket. After signing up, an email containing activation links will send to you. Now you need to confirm this email, after the confirma tion, you can go to your profile with the link existing in the email.

To add a link to your pocket on Android device, after entering that link on your browser you may go to setting section and select the share page option and then Add to Pocket. If any other apps on your Android device support sharing, you can add them to Pocket.


Pocket provides a specific extension on the Google Chrome browser (PC), which makes the link addition easier. After adding the links to pocket, you can open the app and enjoy with your links ready to use.

To find what you have already added to pocket, you can search or filter by title or URL , or even tag articles, videos, or pictures.

In the reading mode, you can change the font size and screen brightness, and toggle between Light & Dark theme. It is also possible to share links with friends on Pocket.

Personal Experience

The application user interface is simple and nice. In the first run, a tutorial shows you how to use the app. One of the useful features of the app is to synchronize the data with other devices in different platforms that is using this service. Thus, all the links which have been saved on your Android device can be accessed on the PC too and vice versa (they must be associated with the same account). In working with the application no issues have been seen. We just loved Pocket, that’s it!

 Download Pocket from Google Play