A few weeks ago, Nintendo released its brand new game, Pokemon Go for smartphones and it's been a huge success. A lot of people around the world are playing it and the number of its users is growing day by day. In this game, you create a character for yourself and it uses your GPS data to know where you are. Then you start a journey to find small monsters. Some people might have problems to play this brilliant game and if you are one of them, worry no more for we have tips to fix Pokemon Go on Android. Also, some people might find its performance a little inappropriate but here is the good news: we can show you how to enhance Pokemon Go performance on Android. So, if you are interested, keep on reading this article about tips and tricks for Pokemon Go on Android.


Fix Pokémon Go Problems on Android

First of all you should download the game from Google Play to make sure that it functions correctly. Here is the link to download Pokémon Go from Google Play.


GPS signal not found

As I mentioned before, the game uses GPS data to track your movements; so without GPS you won't be able to play it. Sometimes it shows "GPS signal not found" for a short time and it's not a problem but if it stays on the screen for a long time, you should make sure that your location setting is enabled. Follow these steps to do it.


  • Go to "setting" and tap on "Privacy and Safety"
  • Choose "Location" and make sure it is on
  • Select "Locating method" and select "GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks."

If you are still having problems with GPS, you'd better go out to an open space for a few seconds.


Can't connect to the server

Well, a lot of people may have this problem and it's due to the great number of the users. To be honest, there is nothing you can do with a server issue but you can check Pokémon Go server status to see how the servers are performing. You can also use this method when the spinning symbol of the pokeball doesn't fade away and it's not loaded. This problem may also be caused by server issues.


It doesn't open at all

Sometimes the game doesn't open at all and you can try restarting your phone and trying it again but if you still have the problem, one of the assumptions below is the reason:

  • There might be a server issue and you should check the server status
  • Your game is not the latest version and you should update it
  • There might have been a problem in installing and you should uninstall and reinstall it
  • Your phone doesn't support the game


How to Enhance Pokémon Go Performance on Android


Save battery while playing

Pokémon Go is a game with great graphics and its combination with data connection and GPS makes it prone to drain your battery but there is a way to save more battery. The game itself has a power saving mode. To turn it on:

  • Tap on the Pokéball at the bottom
  • Choose "settings"
  • Enable "Battery Saver"


Slow Performance, Crashes, Bugs

Sometimes the Pokémon trainer doesn't move or the game freezes while trying to catch a Pokémon. In these situations, you should turn mobile date off and on again and if that doesn't work, restart the app. You should tap on the "recent apps button" at the bottom of the phone and swipe Pokémon away to do it. About slow performance and crashes I should say that you need to keep the app up-to-date and it will perform so much better.

So, these were the tips for Pokemon Go on Android. If you had any problems with performance, we showed how to enhance Pokemon GO performance on Android and if you had any problems in playing the game we showed how to fix Pokemon Go problems on Android. Now you can have a better experience of the game. Enjoy!

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