What is a Presentation Remote App for Android supposed to do? Control a PowerPoint presentation from your Android device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Change the slides and advance? Jump to a specific slide and skip the slides in between? Use a virtual laser pointer right from your Android device? They are all correct. After you install a Presentation Remote App on your Android device, you have full control of your presentation from your phone, and you are just a few steps away from a perfect speech.   

While Microsoft have already developed an app to control slideshow presentations from your Android device, called Office Remote for Android, in this AW Center article, we are going to introduce you the Presentation Link (PowerPoint) app and a step-by-step guide to learn how to control a PowerPoint presentation from an Android device using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

The main advantage of Presentation Link over the Office Remote app is the option to choose Wi-Fi connection, and unlike the Microsoft app, the ASUS Hit Team app is not limited to just Bluetooth. But on the other side, the Microsoft app supports PowerPoint, Excel and Word applications and you Android device can function as a remote app for all these productivity services.


Well, here are what you need to have to be able to control your slideshow (in PPT or PPTX format) right from the palm of your hand:
  • An Android device running Android 0 and up
  • A PC or Laptop running Windows 7 or above
  • Stable Wireless connection (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)
  • And of course a PowerPoint file to present


Now, do as follows to start controlling your presentation from your Android device:

Step1: Download and install this presentation app for Android from the Google Play Store: Presentation Link (PowerPoint)

: Download the sever on your desktop PC from this link: ASUS Smart Gesture

: Start installing the software, and after that wait for a few couples to let the Windows install necessary drivers and after that Restart your system.

: On your computer, make sure to change the firewall settings and allow the program to access your network. (Once you run the program, the firewall warning will appear and you need to grant the permission)


: After opening the software, make sure the Enable Remote Link in my PC is checked, and then hit Apply or OK button


Now on your Android device, launch the remote presentation app, select the connection type (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth), and hit the Search Device button

On the opened menu, select the device you are going to open the presentation file from


Wait for the connection to be established and there you have 2 windows: Documents and History. The document window shows all the slideshows that are already open in your desktop PC.

Now, open a presentation file on your PC and wait for it to be appeared under the Documents window on your Android device.
Important Note: Make sure your presentation file is not opened in the Protected View, otherwise simply click on the Enable Editing button on the top bar so your device can read the file.

Tap the presentation name on your Android device, and after a few seconds both your PC and Android will be synced and the presentation will be started in the Slideshow mode.


Now you have full power over your presentation right on your Android device, such as the option to move between slides, jump to a specific slide, see the number of slides, see the elapsed time, move the mouse courser, and laser point.

And have a wonderful presentation using this presentation remote app for Android devices.