A few weeks ago, a photo filter app, called Prisma, was released for iOS and it was a tremendous success. A huge number of iOS users were using it and it worked great. Its great success convinced the developer to make Prisma for Android and now the wait is over and Prisma is available on Android. We expect another great success for the developer, this time on Android.

Prisma photo filter Android app is a perfect way to turn photos into artworks on Android. It has a lot of stunning filters and they are based on styles by famous artist. Maybe there have been times that you wanted to turn your photo into cartoon but the filters of the other apps but filters of Prisma are no ordinary filters. The combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence brings a beautiful and artistic view to your photos and it is the most brilliant thing about Prisma for Android.


Prisma for Android contains filters named Femme, Udnie, Tears, #GettUrban, Marcus D – Lone Wolf, Dreams, Running in The Storm, Curtain, MIOBI, Bobbie, Impression, Flame Flower, Mondrian, Paper Art, Roland, Red Head, Composition, Light Summer, Coloured Sky, Roy, Electric, Candy, Transverse Line, Mosaic, Heisenberg, Illegal Beauty, Mononoke, Urban, Tokyo, Curly Hair, Wave, Gothic, The Scream, Ice Cream, Mark and Raoul and each of these filters are named after works of art or popular patterns and ornaments. You can use all of these artistic filters on various pictures and see which filter matches your photo in the best way possible. You can also adjust the strength of filters by swiping your finger from side to side.

We talked about the pros of Prisma  and now it's time for cons. First of all, you have to crop your photos into a square and you may find it annoying in some pictures. Apart from this, you need to use it online and all the filters apply to your picture using mobile data and it's probably because of the artificial intelligence.


It takes a while to apply each filter to apply each filter to your picture but it is because the app rebuilds your picture and this process needs a little time. There is also the watermark on the bottom of the picture but it's not a disadvantage because you can turn it off in the setting.

All in all, Prisma photo filter Android app has been released for Android and it has brilliant features and it turns out to be the best way to turn photos to artwork on Android. It has a lot of brilliant filters that work great with the artificial intelligence and you will be satisfied with it. I daresay, it's the best app among these photo filter apps and we expect a great success for it.

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