QR Scanner Rewards is a simple barcode reader app that comes with the unique idea of giving rewards for every scan users do and lead to a purchase.


What to expect from QR Scanner Rewards? Well, it’s is a simple yet powerful barcode scanner and reader app that can scan any QR code or barcode and shows the related URL, business card, vCard or any other relevant details.

The user-interface is clean and neat and when it comes to scanning a barcode and showing the relevant data, it doesn’t take long and everything happens in a blink of an eye. We didn’t see any flaw or shortcoming in this part.


What’s unique about QR Scanner Rewards? Well, this QR scanner app comes with the digital stamp and loyalty program features that help small business to get more leads from users looking for the items and products they offer. The owners can easily define a customizable digital stamp along with reward programs for their loyal customers and increase their sales eventually.


Let’s take a look at the main features of the QR Scanner Rewards app:

  • A powerful yet easy to use barcode reader and QR scanner app
  • No ads
  • Collect digital stamp rewards (for users)
  • Find nearby merchant rewards (for users)
  • Offer loyalty programs to your customers (for business owners)
  • Drive more users to purchase your scanned products (for business owners)
  • Keep track of your loyalty cards (for users)
  • Track the performance of your marketing activities (for business owners)
  • Free to use


Should you give QR Scanner Rewards a try?

Well, it is a very well designed barcode scanner app that actually gives you real rewards for your scans and purchases. So, as a user, there is no harm giving it a try.

On the other side, the idea of letting merchants define digital stamps rewards and loyalty programs with the option to closely monitor and track them can be tempting for small business owners.

For more information about this QR scanner app and how its rewards feature works, check out the ConnectUpz website.