Have you ever tried an RPG game with the stickman fighting style before? These games are more famous for their new and weird gameplay and how you control the character. In the past couple of months, I’ve seen more games with the same concept that offers almost the same gameplay but different challenges and missions. 

Ragdoll RPG Arena is one of the latest games in this category that comes with only one object: Do whatever it takes to win the intense battle. This RPG fighting game comes with both offline mode and online mode, where you can play against intelligent AI or different players worldwide. (The online mode is unlocked if you manage to pass the first ten levels in the story mode.)

What to expect from Ragdoll RPG Arena? 

Well, you are controlling a ragdoll fighter with an on-screen joystick and you should win the PvP battles inside the arena. You can collect different weapons, choose different characters, and unlock new chests and rewards. Once you unlock the online mode, you can go one-on-one against other players, and your objective still remains the same: do whatever it takes to win the intense battles. 

Ragdoll RPG Arena Android

What do I like the most about Ragdoll RPG Arena?

To me, the addictive gameplay with a variety of missions to pass and the cool mechanism to control the ragdoll fighter are in the top of my list. I also liked the options we have when it comes to picking a character or weapon. There are different ways to collect new rewards, including daily check-in, which makes you want to play the game more and more.

Is Ragdoll RPG Arena worth a try?

If you like playing stickman fighting games, then the answer is Yes! You can give it a try, play a couple of rounds and see if you are having fun or not. 

If you are not familiar with the concept of stickman fighting games, this free RPG fighting game can be a good start.

Download Ragdoll RPG Arena from Play Store and see how many fighters you can take down in a row. Don’t forget to check out the online mode section too.