“I’ve tried many mindfulness and meditation-related applications, but this one seems to be offering something unique and new! It’s like having access to multiple mental health applications in one place.” 

Relax App is a new mental health application for iOS and Android devices that contains a range of different mindfulness features, including soothing & relaxing music, meditation courses, bedtime stories, music for sleeping better, guided meditations, and much more. This relaxing app mainly focuses on improving your sleep quality, reducing stress and anxiety, and helping you live the moment.

What to expect from the Relax App?

As mentioned in the first impression section, this mental health app covers everything you should expect from mindfulness applications. It comes with five different sections: Meditation, Sleep, Music, Manifest, and Children. In each section, you have access to stress and anxiety relieving content with the option to bookmark your favorite content. 

Relax App mindfulness mental health

Let’s review some of the relaxing content you can find in each section:


  • Relaxing Binaural Beats
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl - Releasing Fear
  • Beautiful Piano Music
  • Feel So Alive - Uplifting Music
  • Crackling Fire Pit


  • Bedtime Story - Rainbow Adventure
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Piano Version
  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Beach Relaxation Meditation for Kids


  • Mindful Breathing
  • Fear of Flying Meditation
  • Meditation for Self Love
  • Relieve Stress with Three Deep Breaths
  • Dropping the Suitcase of WOrry and Regret

Is the Relax App worth trying?

If you are looking for a professional mental health app to guide your inner peace and access to various guided meditations and relaxing sounds, the answer is Yes! With Relax App you will have a peaceful sleep at night, improve your self-esteem, and feel better about yourself.

You can try out the entire features of the app for three days for free and upgrade afterward.

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