Today, we are going to introduce one of the most amazing apps to listen to favorite radio stations for free. This app is for music lovers, news followers and many other people who would like listen to radio stations on their phones without even having the radio FM hardware feature. Replaio Android app provides you with more than 30000 stations all over the world and anyone can find what they're looking for in those stations. We have a lot of Android radio apps but we'll tell you about cool features of Replaio and you'd see why you'd better choose it. If we take a closer look at the app it's also one of the great Android apps for music lovers.


First of all, it has a brilliant user friendly interface. Anyone who uses Replaio Android app will be pleased with its design and how easy it is to use. You can easily have access to more than 30000 radio stations, mark your favorite ones, explore for stations and discover new stations and have access to different songs with different genres and that's why I said it's one of the best Android apps for music lovers. Aside from songs, you can listen to news, comedy programs, social programs and many other programs that can be heard from radio. About the design, it's elegantly created and it's also customizable. You can choose different colors for the theme and have it your way.


Another special feature that makes Replaio Android app special is that it can be used as various types of reminders. I think it would be great to wake up with the sound of your favorite radio station and that's made possible by Replaio. You can set alarms with the radio stations you want and they would wake you up in due time. You can also set reminders for your schedule and when the date comes you'll be reminded of your plans by the sound of a radio station.


There are also some other features that make Replaio one of the best Android radio apps. One of them is the sleep timer. You may have experienced falling into sleep while listening to radio and it has worked until you have woken up. A sleep timer is the solution for this problem. You just need to set the time and the app will stop working after the set time. Another great feature is that you can add songs to Spotify. Whenever you think you like the song, you just need to touch the icon on the screen and it will be added to your playlist on your Spotify.


So, here is one of the best Android radio apps: Replaio. Its brilliant features make it different from other and it also has a lot of stations with different programs, especially music; so, it can be considered one of the Android apps for music lovers.

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