The train of technology never stops and is constantly moving forward rapidly. Every day we are faced with new devices and equipment that each of them are working for the convenience of us, humans. The digital world is a branch of technology that can strongly name it, as the most stimulating and rapid developing section of the technology. In this area, gadgets as tools which can facilitate our digital life are increasing in production and usage. Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, digital cameras and many others are some examples of these gadgets. In the gadget area, every while a new device introduced which the user may like it and so will stay on the market and will spread or they may not have enough luck to be liked by the users and so after some tries to stay on the market, they should leave the market and get forgotten. For example, we can name early tablets. The early tablets because of their large size, heavy weight and low computing power didn’t interest the users. However, Apple, after a deep understanding of the user’s need for a device with large screen and good computing power and at the same time portable, introduced a new design of tablets to the world. iPad is still one of the best tablets in the world. Of course, we should not disregard the important role of the big companies in production of the new devices. These companies by identifying the user’s need have the ability to create new markets and demands. Companies such as Google, Apple or Microsoft are some of those. It’s been a while which smart watches got the attention of the media and the producers. Watches which can be an interface to interaction with the users and their gadgets, especially mobile phones and tablets.

Smart watches which are categorized in wearable gadgets are considered the best tool for interaction with the users and this is merely because of their wearing capabilities. These clocks can have variable interesting features and functions depending on the manufacturer’s choice. Smart Watches can have operating system. So far, Android OS becomes a host to these gadgets, but in near future, Apple and Microsoft may have something for these gadgets too. These gadgets can be equipped with a camera, so the user can take photos or videos quickly, even without anyone to understand! (Although on most of them you cannot silence the camera shot sound).  Touch screens can be applied on smart watches too and hence user’s interactions with the devices will be much easier. Another feature which can count on these gadgets are the possibi lity to install applications on them, which of course the feature is directly related to having OS on them. However, the feature that you can count on it, are set of communication ports. These ports will include from the popular Wi-Fi to Bluetooth or a more new NFC technology. A SIM card slot can be another option which provides independent access to the Internet on the clock. However, until now, there is only one Chinese manufacturer consider this option on its product. These watches by having multiple sensors such as, accelerometer, barometer and thermometer can analyze the user's body condition and health and notify him about his condition. Since the Internet access is considered for these gadgets, access to the web world and web-based applications especially for smart watches are not unexpected too.

The most important smart watches unveiled until today:

Since the introduction of first smart watches in 2011, most of which are almost never known. So, next we are going to introduce the most important ones.

Sony SmartWatch: Sony was one of the first manufacturers of smart watches which introduced its brand named SmartWatch. The first version of this watch with a 1.3 inch touch screen had many problems that were not much appreciated by users. Thus, Sony announced its second version in the June of this year. This version overcome the most weakness of the first version which was not being water proof. All of these watches are compatible with Android devices.

Pebble Watch: This watch that has the ability to sync with both IOS and Android devices is one of the bestselling smart watches until today. A simple and nice design and its affordable price ($ 150) makes it a popular choice.

Inwatch: a smart watch with Android 4.0 from a Chinese manufacturer. The important point in this device is the support of the SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: This is Samsung’s flagship for smart watches. This gadget is known as the first smart watch of Samsung which recently announced at IFA 2013. This watch with its diverse and amazing features comes to the market as a serious competitor.

Qualcomm Toq: Qualcomm which is mostly known as the manufacturer of the mobile processors, announced its first smart watch at this year's IFA exhibition.