Get ready for the evolution in tap rhythm mobile gaming!

Are you tired of Tap Rhythm games not working right when you get to the harder songs? Rhythm Retro will blow you away! This game has everything you could possibly want in a rhythm music game, and it works on any android or amazon touch screen mobile device! The best part is, Rhythm Retro is free to play, and you get all the songs included in the free version! When you buy the Premium edition there are no Ads and you get a bonus 1500 retro bucks for the in-game store! You also earn retro bucks for completing songs in the premium edition as well!

The features will amaze you, with 20 songs, 6 gameplay modes(normal, reversed, hyper, hyper-reversed, ultra and ultra-reversed), 14 note and button themes, 7 Achievement Gold Medals, and it's the first ever Rhythm Game to have an R.P.G. style class upgrade system to get higher scores and longer retro boosts!

Rhythm Retro

The game includes a calibration screen so even if you use blue-tooth headphones you can just restart the game and calibrate the audio when you want to change back and forth.
The enter name screen includes a Swear Filter too! No matter which way you play it, you fully level up your player after getting 3 stars on every song in a single mode. So you could play Normal, Hyper-Reversed, and Ultra-Reversed if you wanted to and still level up fully!
No rhythm game has ever had these features in it, and no matter how old the device is, it works on almost every one! Challenge yourself with local top: 3 hi-scores, or compete with the Rhythm Virtuoso's in the online top: 60 leaderboard!

Get ready to challenge yourself, get ready to GO RETRO!

Download it for free today!