It’s 2050 and robots have joined the force. You are the commander and need to do whatever it takes to fight against the gang of hooligans. You have the power, the fearless squad to assemble and the powerful arsenal to equip your team with. This is what Robot City Clash is all about.

The high-quality graphics, cool sound effects, smooth animations, range of different missions with different levels of difficulties, the option to upgrade your units and endless challenges, are just a few reasons that make this action and strategy game worth a try. But, keep in mind that the gameplay is so addictive that can easily get you addicted to the game after the very first try.


Build a powerful army of robots to take down the gang of hooligans

What I liked most about his action and strategy game is about the wide range of options you have when it comes to assembling your squad and upgrading units and most of all, the different strategies you can use to clear each mission. So, if you need to have a solid plan in order to be able to clear all the missions and become the nex chief of police in the area.


Should I give Robot City Clash a try?

If you are into such action and strategy games with robots theme, then I should highly recommend you to give this game a try. On the other side, if you are new to such concepts, the super easy to learn gameplay makes sure you totally get used to the gameplay as soon as starting the first battle.

Overall, in my opinion, Robot City Clash won’t disappoint any type o user at all and since the game is available for free, you can give it a try and see how it goes.

Robot City Clash is also available for iOS devices (Download from App Store).