The number of available endless games is literally endless and every day more endless and addictive game surface the Play Store. Rocket It is one of such games that aims to entertain you for hours by offering endless gameplay along with wide range of different challenges. And, I must admit, it made me addicted after just a couple of tries.


What to expect from Rocket It?

Rocket It is a very well designed space game that comes with super simple gameplay. You just need to use your finger to control a spaceship and your objective is to move through different objects without hitting them. You can also connect your Google Play Games profile and compete against family and friends.


Collect coins and unlock new spaceships: The addictive part is not just about trying to beat your friends’ high scores and improving your position in the leaderboard. There are also many spaceships with different styles that can be unlocked using your collected coins. You can collect coins while driving your spaceship and moving it through the dangerou s road up in the space.


What else? Other than the endless mode that challenges your spaceship driving skill, you can also enable the Turbo Mode and experience higher speed that needs more concentration or you won’t last long.


Final verdict: Give Rocket It a try and you won’t regret it. High-quality graphics, smooth animations, endless and addictive gameplay, easy to learn gameplay and different spaceships to unlock are just a few features that made me recommend this free space game.

Download Rocket It for free on your Android device and see how far you can go.