Cut the rope was one of the very first physics-based logic puzzle games where you had to cut a rope and deliver the candy right to the Om Nom’s mouth. After that, more games surfaced with almost the same gameplay; cut a rope and rescue the character.

Rolling Pig is one of the latest rescue cut puzzle games that comes with fantastic physics challenges and addictive gameplay. In this free wood cutting game, you’d need to do whatever it takes to collect the little pig into the basket. You can cut the woods or ropes in your adventurous journey and solve the physics-based logic puzzle missions.

What do I like the most about Rolling Pig?

I liked the variety of available logic puzzles to solve. While the gameplay is as simple as just swiping on the screen to cut wood, you only have one chance and you have to predict how the pig moves before cutting the wood. 

I also liked the amazing graphics with smooth animations that don’t make you bored or tired when playing the rescue cut puzzle games for hours. 

Rolling Pig- Rescue Cut Puzzle

Is Rolling Pig worth a try?

I’d recommend this logic puzzle game to 3 types of users:

One. For those who are looking for an addictive logic puzzle game with physics challenges and a variety of different puzzles to solve,

Two. For those who are already playing the popular cut the rope game and looking for an alternative with almost the same gameplay but more challenges.

Three. For those who are looking for a time-killer puzzle game to kill some time in their spare time, and have hours of fun without getting tired or bored.

Download Rolling Pig from Play Store and see how many logic puzzles you can manage to solve.