If you work as a roofing contractor, a typical day can entail the following tasks:

  • Roofing construction and repair
  • Automated team assignments
  • Roof tiles, shingles, and other roofing materials are all options to consider.
  • Ensuring on-time completion of roofing projects

It is essential that you have a well-managed roofing project in order to get the most out of it.

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For a single job, you may have to wade through a mountain of paperwork, make several phone calls, or consult an Excel spreadsheet if you're handling roofing tasks by hand.

You must utilize roofing management software in order to compete in the roofing sector and handle your day-to-day obligations more efficiently.

What is the Roofing Software Solution?

There are a variety of cloud-based software solutions for the roofing industry that assist firms to manage client data, day-to-day scheduling, billing, and the lifecycle of roofing works.

Roofing software may be used by roofing firms, project managers, and personnel to keep track of projects and save time.

To obtain a better grasp of the advantages of employing roofing software, you need to be aware of the difficulties that the business faces.

When it comes to the roofing business, what are the main problems?

1. There are a number of people who work in the roofing industry, including roofers and plumbers, as well as architects and managers. There is a list of duties for each employee to do. A bird's-eye perspective of roofing jobs is impossible if roofers use Excel spreadsheets or paper-pen task lists.
2. Accounts payable and receivable must always be in sync, and a sales specialist is needed to verify that no mistakes are made throughout the whole billing process.
3. A roofer on the job site might be tough to communicate with if they encounter any difficulties. Real-time solutions exist only via phone calls and descriptions.
4. In the absence of a complete picture of the available resources, how can the work be allocated? Even if it takes some time to contact each roofer, it is well worth the effort.
5. Using a manual method, roofing contractors are more likely to encounter data log problems. As a consequence, there is an unsatisfactory fit between the system and reality.

Everything is conveniently located in one spot

In addition to speeding up estimation, field comprehensive roofing company software handles warranties and maintenance contracts and greatly simplifies ordering, scheduling, timekeeping, and billing (including AIA applications for payment). Work more efficiently using Field complete, which may provide you with better and more timely data on your employees' performance than you've received before.

What if you could purchase supplies directly from your estimating workbook...? What if you could simply press a few buttons and have your vendor get a paperless Purchase Order? Scheduling tasks and employees in the same system, as well as keeping track of employee time cards and the supplies supplied against budgets, wouldn't be so great?

You bet! We're doing it all! It's a strong tool for managing projects in real-time.

For commercial GC projects and property owner contracts, Field Complete can help you quickly and simply generate bids and contracts. Your counterparty's agreement of your conditions may be captured using a Field full e-signature. You may submit change orders for acceptance on the fly from wherever you are, using Field's sophisticated built-in Change Order functionality after your project has begun running.