“I would start running from next week and stick to my running plan.” Doesn’t it sound familiar to you? Running is a fun physical activity that requires no equipment, and everyone has tried running at some stage in their life. However, developing and maintaining the excellent habit of running is not easy at all.

RunAge is a free running tracker app for Android that strives to bring joy and fun to running. While it delivers the basic features of a running tracker app, it also comes with the leaderboard and achievement concepts to keep you right in the tack and motivated.


What to expect from RunAge? Well, like other running companion apps, RunAge enables you to track your running status in real-time using your device’s sensors and provides you with reports and stats regarding your running sessions. Since it is using your phone’s built-in GPS, you can never cheat, and there is no manual way to change your stats.


What’s unique about RunAge? It turns running and jogging to some kind of a game with different achievements to unlock.  For every running session, you manage to complete, and for every distance you run, you will earn some XPs and unlock achievements. You can use the XPs to level up, improve your ranking in the leaderboard, and become the best runner among family and friends.


Why do I like the most about RunAge? First of all, I really liked the clean and neat interface and how uncluttered it is. I also liked the idea of adding the gamification concept to make the user motivated. And as I mentioned earlier, since RunAge uses the sensors of your device, you can never cheat, and you should literally run and jog to complete the challenges.


Give RunAge a try!

Download RunAge from Google Play and have lots of fun while running and jogging.